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Causes Of Stress

The Major Causes Of Stress Explained

While it is common to categorize stress as being personal, work related or social it perhaps makes more sense to categorize it by the emotions that most commonly subject us to stress in varying levels. Remember that stress in the right dose is actually a healthy thing, but too much and it can become unhealthy in many ways. If you are suffering from stress, it is important to identify the causes of stress affecting you and then act to eliminate them.

Threat And Fear

Causes Of StressFeeling threatened in any way is a major cause of stress. Whether this is a physical threat, mental threat or even an imagined threat it can be equally as damaging. Many people feel threatened at work, at home or at school. We should feel safe to some extent in all of these locations because we spend so much time in each but this isn't always the case. Of all the causes of stress this is a major one and generally leads to another cause of stress; fear.

Feeling Of Uncertainty

Being unsure or uncertain is also stressful. Again, this can be associated with home, work or school life. Uncertainty can be exciting, for example in the case of white knuckle rides, but an increased feeling of uncertainty or a prolonged exposure to these feelings is one of the causes of stress.

Stress Management And Getting Help From Those Around You

It is unusual for any one incident to cause an unhealthy amount of stress but each of us deal with things in different ways. Some can cope with excessive amounts of stress and pressure while others find it much more difficult without some kind of stress management. Stress management isn't something you may necessarily be able to manage on your own. Because one of the most important factors is to limit your exposure to the major causes of stress you are subjected to, you will usually need family, friends or colleagues to help you.

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