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School Stress And How To Manage It

The Children Suffer Too

We sometimes forget too easily the school stress that children suffer. Not only are they forced to face their formative years and deal with the many stresses involved with growing up but also they are confronted by important exams and other school stresses. As with any form of stress, school stress can either be handled well or ineffectively by children but the result of poorly managed school stress is quite alarming with emotional, physical and mental problems sometimes arising.

Back To School Stress

Possibly one of the most difficult aspects of school stress for your children is returning after one of the long holidays they have. Summer holiday is nearly three months long, imagine the stress we would feel after having three months off work and being plunged back full time.

Children And Self Diagnosis

As with adults, many children struggle to realise the symptoms and the implications of school stress but the early identification and combating of the problem is paramount to the successful managing of school stress. The most obvious times for school stress to become evident is the return to school after holidays and important exams. However, as a parent, it is important to remember that school stress can attack at any time. Bullying is a well-documented problem and while we all hope our children won't have to face this problem it is a possibility.

A Shoulder To Lean On

Children need to be able to turn to their parents, other family members, friends and teachers for assistance and guidance. Often the most helpful thing anyone can do for a child suffering from school stress is just to listen and offer some friendly advice without being pushy. It is down to these same people to spot the symptoms of school stress. Initially, it is easy to confuse the listlessness and mood swings with the usual signs of being a teenager but we should all keep one eye open.

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