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Health Effects

Does Stress Affect Health In A Negative Manner?

Stress affects our health in a diverse range of ways. Acceptable levels of stress are not only manageable and natural but are actually healthy. On the other hand, though, too much stress affects health in a derogatory manner. Initially, excessive stress will present itself in the shape of emotional symptoms such as anger, paranoia and fear. Eventually, if these are left unchecked they can lead to serious health problems including heart attacks and strokes.

Daily Stress Build-up

Holding down a full time job and raising a family is stressful enough at the best of times for many people but if the delicate balance between the two is thrown uncontrollably askew it becomes more difficult to manage stress levels. This is when stress affects health and becomes a serious problem.

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Stress?

Early signs of stress can be relatively mild and difficult to spot and includes headaches, disturbed sleep, lack of concentration, decreased interest in hobbies and interests, decreased morale and many more. Because some of these symptoms can be associated with many problems it is not uncommon for stress to be misdiagnosed by physicians or by the sufferer themselves.

Does All Stress Affect Health?

It is safe to say that every single one of us suffers from some stress during most days of our lives. The difference is how we combat that stress. Going to work, even driving to work, or possibly leaving work to home could cause different amounts of stress for different people at different times in our lives. Small amounts of stress are perfectly natural and can help to keep us alert and healthy. The build up of this stress, the failure to deal with it in a controlled manner, or more uncommon types of stresses is the usual reasons for stress to affect health. If you do feel stress taking over your life uncontrollably then it is important to act on it, or seek professional help.

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