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Job Stress And How To Manage It

What Is Job Stress

Job stress is something that almost all of us face on a daily basis when going to work. Even those who have never seemingly suffered from any signs of job stress before can suddenly find that everything has got on top of them and they simply can't cope with the natural stress that the working day brings. It is important to remember that stress related health problems are caused by the way we deal with the problem and not the problem itself.

Symptoms Of Job Stress

Job stress can present in many ways and at various stages. Sometimes an event that to many would seem innocuous can change a person's complete outlook on their work, their colleagues and even themselves. In fact, it is quite often those that seem the most dedicated to their work that eventually suffer because of one incident that they could ordinarily cope with.

Compounded Feelings Of Stress

The methods available for dealing with job stress are fairly limited. Generally speaking it is difficult, or even impossible, to quit work because of stress. The extra stress that this feeling of helplessness can cause will further compound the problem with proper stress management.

Most Employers Will Try To Help

Job stress is a problem for employers as well as employees. The first symptoms of job stress will usually be a loss of interest in the job and more frequent time off sick. Employees who had previously been diligent workers will begin to lose concentration and work will inevitably suffer. For this reason, many companies how offer stress counselling to help employees who feel particularly stressed.

Job Stress Management Tips

There is good news for any sufferer because job stress can be beaten. Putting everything into perspective and remembering that jobs are disposable can play a big part in managing job stress. If you can feel the stress building while working then take a break. Walk away from your desk to get a drink or take a short walk. Avoid stimulants like coffee or cigarettes because these will make the feelings stronger and more pronounced.

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