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Time Stress And How To Manage It

What Is Time Stress

Time is a major cause of stress related problems. The feeling of not having enough time in the day to finish everything can make life incredibly difficult. The modern working environment sees us taking on more and more tasks over a longer working week. We are also increasingly likely to take work home, which interferes with the time we need to manage our homes and our personal lives but also makes time management even more difficult. Time stress can be beaten though.

Beating Time Stress

The most effective way to beat time stress is through effective time management. Draw up a weekly diary. In this diary you will need to initially include everything that you must do at certain times. Unfortunately, a vast majority of us do have events that simply cannot be moved. A prime example would be going to work. Unless you're fortunate enough to work from home or work incredibly flexible hours you will have to base your diary around work. To combat time stress fully you should also complete a stress management diary at work as well.

Work A Reasonable Week

Finish work at a reasonable time. Overtime is one thing and putting in the hours to get a job complete is another thing, but working until late at night, starting early in the morning and not having days off will quickly lead to time stress and is difficult to stop once you begin.

Separating The Different Aspects Of Your Life

Separate your home life from your working life and allow both personal time and time to socialise with friends and family. It is very important to have a balance between work, home and socialising. This can prevent the various forms of stress, but especially time stress. Always leave your work at work. Working from home in the evenings makes it impossible to switch off from work and makes it very difficult to just relax without seeing work in the corner of your eye or the back of your mind.

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